Let’s Talk Real

Hey you,

I hope you’re doing great, cause I definitely am. I am now free of school stress for a couple of weeks. Christmas break is the best. Family, love, friends and FOOOD! Oh my gosh. I CANNOT wait to cook cookies, eat marvellous meals and drink peppermint hot chocolate. Not that I haven’t done it yet, but now I’ll have the time.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece on my anxiety problems, and I truly want to explore these issues through this blog. That’s why I’ll start a new themed series in which I’ll just talk about real stuff. Things that make me happy or unhappy, things that I’m going through or went through and how I deal with it. I just want to create a space for me to tell it all.

I don’t know what “Let’s Talk Real” will look like. I don’t know how often I’ll write, (because you know, I’m not quite regular in my posting) but at least, I’ll know I have the space to do it.

So until then,

Have a nice Christmas (or just holidays for that matter)!

See ya!



I want everyone to love me, and that’s a problem.

I’ve been looking for the reasons behind my anxiety problem, sources ( yeah, I know, I just put this out there without any introduction to my anxiety problems, it’ll come later). I know there’s not always an answer to such problems, because when it comes to mental health, it’s not necessarily something in particular. However, I really believe that in order to beat this anxiety problem, I need to find its sources.  I think I may have found one: I want everyone to like me.

I know it sounds benign. Most of us have that desire. However, most are able to deal with it. Me, it’s something I struggle with. Especially when I teach. I try so hard to please everyone. Most of the time, I’m able to put myself out there and have fun with students. Sometimes, when one finds that I’m inadequate, or else, I freak out. It goes from one little critique of one person to a sentiment that everyone hates me.

Yeah, I know. It’s irrational. I know that. It still doesn’t change the result: I freak out. My reason knows it’s only one student, that so many others appreciate my work. But I tend to focus on that student, trying to find ways to make sure he’ll be happy with my work. But it doesn’t work like that. Everyone can’t like you.

If only it was only about my teaching capacities. But no, it’s more than that. It also happens when I meet new people. But in these situations, I don’t even need someone to critique me, I just do it myself. Every time I say something, the little hamster in my head starts running and I can’t stop him: ok, they probably hate what I said. They’ll stop talking to me altogether. I won’t be able to become friend with them. I’ll be alone. I’ll be the one all alone again. They’ll think I’m annoying. Oh my god, why the heck did I talk.

Yeah, it’s always like that. And believe me, it’s exhausting.

Someone said to me: at least you’re aware of your problem. Most people don’t even understand there is a problem. But being aware doesn’t help me stop it, it makes it worst. I’m now stressed out by the fact that I may stressed out. (yeah, how’s that even possible, I really don’t know)

And I think that the worst, like worst part of it is that I think I’m the only one doing that. Am I?

Quills, or how to manage space

On Tuesday 26th of January, I went to Le Trident Theatre. I must say it was one of the unequalled theatre experiences I ever had. The text was raw and piercing, but beautifully poetic. The translation work was impressive. Robert Lepage is spectacular and his performance was breathtaking. However, the best part of the play was certainly the combo of an innovative set designing and a skilled mise-en-scène.

Robert Lepage and Jean-Pierre Cloutier must be geniuses. Their use of the space on stage was an experience in itself. Le Trident has an imposing stage, but they chose to exploit only a part of it. They formed barriers with see-through mirrors that diminished the actual area on stage, but in the same time created a sort of infinite space sensation for the audience. The walls were opaque, except from time to time when they were employed to produce a kind of parallel situation taking place elsewhere. They were also used as a sort of window to act a past moment. The way Lepage and Cloutier played with the space was certainly unusual, but refreshing.

Even though the see-through mirrors were in themselves inventive, Lepage and Cloutier added to the imposing structure by incorporating moving parts. Some were doors, other sliding walls and the masterpiece was the turning centre. The doors were situated in the front of the stage. It was occasionally used as a hallway in which the characters often meet each other. It gave us information on the relationships between them and also offered a way for the technician to change the décor without stopping the play. The sliding doors were sometimes linked to a prison gate sound and reminded the audience that we were in an asylum. The most interesting part was certainly the centrepiece. It was able to turn, offering unlimited space. It had many uses during the play. However, the most memorable was the scene where they tell the story to one another and it creates a sort of never-ending sentiment for the audience. Lepage and Cloutier surely thought of an ingenious and original way to use space on a stage.

The scenography and mise-en-scène from Robert Lepage and Jean-Pierre Cloutier was unprecedented and a tour de force. Their use of the space both diminished and expanded the stage. It also played a great role in the time perception of the audience. The masterwork by Lepage and Cloutier will undoubtedly mark the imagination of anyone who will see that play and it did surely mark my own. They have one of the greatest talents I even say in scenography, but also in acting as they did more than an amazing job in this area too. I truly and honestly recommend this play to anyone above 16 years old.


To attend the play: http://www.letrident.com/index.php/alaffiche/quills

2016 and on my publishing routine

Hi everyone,

It’s always been a long time since I blogged when I get back at it on this blog. It’s funny because at first, I was only blogging in English, no French. Then, I started my other blog in my first language and I kind of let go of this one. I think that maybe I appreciate the fact that my family can read me in French and that pushes me to focus on the other blog. However, I intend to publish a little more out here this year. I don’t know how it’s going to work, but we’ll try anyway.

Also, I always wrote in a more formal way on this blog but now that I’m writing formal text all day long, I want to let go and embrace the more casual way of English writing. I do love English a lot. In fact, I just love languages so much I’d love to study them all my life, which is actually what I’ll probably do.

Anyway, I promise I’ll try to publish more here on different subjects. It is also a way for me to improve my English writing which is really important in my field.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’ll see you soon!

Pumpkin patch craziness

So I went to a pumpkin patch this week end and I kind of went crazy and bought too many. I mean, I do love squash but now, our flat is overwhelmed with all of them. Even though they are everywhere, I think it was the most wonderful afternoon of all October. It was my first time harvesting pumpkin and let me tell you, it was so much fun. I went there with my boyfriend and our friend Felix. They were not as excited as me to go, so they thought they would spice things up a bit with colourful hats. I may be the crazy-about-plants-and-pumpkins one, but they can be crazy enough to.

I went for one of each possible pumpkin of the patch. Gray, orange, green, classic, spaghetti squash. I mean, they are all equally beautiful to me so I just went for all of them. Now, I have to be creative to cook them though, because I don’t want to eat squash soup all October long.

So here are my plans: first, carve a pumpkin. Then, make pumpkin bread. Then, make squash recipes. Then, post it all on my blog. Then, be happy!

So here are some pictures of our great adventure.

Apple Picking Experience

I did something fall-y last Saturday; I went apple picking. It was a little early to do it as there is only 3 types available right now, but it was fun! (And I don’t know if I’m going to be able to go again in October. Even though I really want to go harvest some pumpkins.) I went with my boyfriend’s family. His grandparents were in town so we went on L’île d’Orléans, near Québec City and we took many theme pictures, but I’d really like to go again when the sights will be more autumnal.

We had a great time though. We went to a place called ‘’Les Vergers Joe Giguère’’ and it was really beautiful. It must be incredible when all the leaves are the characteristic yellow-red of fall. We couldn’t do so much apple picking as we wouldn’t have eat them all. Also, if we want to go back, we have to finish those we picked this weekend first. With those, I’ll do Apple butter, but also Applesauce. I’ll try to write a post about this project soon enough.

We also had the chance to try a ‘’Cidre des glaces’’. Which is an Apple Cider, but with apples which had the luck (or not) to freeze a little. It’s pricey, but sooooooo good! We want to drink it during our Thanksgiving dinner this month. It’ll be delicious! We also bought some real apple juice. My mouth is watering when I think about all the good smoothies I’ll be doing with this wonderful juice.

After the apple picking, we got back home where we sat down with the family to play Quebec’s version of Cards Against Humanity, with the grandparents. Let me tell you, they may be all angelic in our hearts, they showed us they can be nasty! It was really funny and I enjoyed myself very much. As we were playing, we ate a St-Paulin cheese (which I recommend a lot), some Apple butter and bread with the Apple Cider my brother-in-law got from our apple picking adventures. They cooked us an apple pie and a little salad for dinner (with apples).

I really enjoyed my day. It was relaxing for the mind and for the body. I wish you’ll get the chance to go apple picking with your friends and family, it’s so amazing.

It’s been a long year, without you my blog

It seems I tend to publish a lot of ‘’I know, it’s been a long time. I’m so bad at keeping up with two blogs, I’m so sorry. I’m going to try for real now.’’ type of article. I guess it’s a recurrent situation. But I think, in a way, it was easier to keep the French blog updated as I didn’t have to work as much to produce good content. Now that I started university and now that my life is almost 100% in English, I guess it’ll be easier. That’s why I chose to be more organize and to work on this blog.

I’ve always been the ‘’I have too much projects’’ type. I’m always all over the place, and it seems I’ve problem doing things right in those cases. Also, I tend to be easy to distract. I love to do many things, so, a tv show can easily distract me. Especially if I still have many episodes to watch and it’s so good I can’t stop. Which happens all the time.

Now, I want to tell you about those projects I have. First, soon enough, this blog will have its own domain name. More official, more unique. Also, I’d like to work on the design of the blog. Make it more interesting, more intuitive, and more beautiful. Finally, I’d like to post once a week for now. I guess it could be on Monday. It would be a good way to start the week, don’t you agree?

On www.ecritsimparfaits.com, I post every Sunday. So if you are interested into French reading, Sunday’s the day.

I know it’s a short post, but it was only to let you know I’ll be posting more soon enough. In the meantime, go check www.streetsoflondon7.blogspot.ca ! Laurie will take you on a trip with her beautiful writing style and her amazing adventures.

See you soon !